Say hello to our team.

After twenty years in the game, we’ve seen it all (and bought the t-shirt). To say we get our kicks from code would be a mild understatement.

But that’s not the only reason we get out of bed in the morning.


After the problem-solving, specifying, coding and testing, it’s witnessing the impact of our work that really rocks our boat. As a result, we’re a breeding ground for new ideas to streamline operations and increase productivity.

It’s why our clients love us as much as we love transforming their business.

Tom Patterson

Managing Director

MD, Click founder and SQL expert, Tom has over twenty years' experience in the development, delivery and maintenance of database driven applications. Since founding Click in 2000, Tom has built a successful team who thoroughly enjoy delivering practical and intelligent solutions to its industry leading clients.

John Proctor

Technical Lead

John started programming aged 4 on an Amstrad CPC 464 because he got bored of waiting for games to load from cassette tapes. Some thirty years later he is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and enjoys learning new technology, be it geeky back end services, the latest shiny CSS or JavaScript frameworks, and applying them to provide innovative solutions for clients.

Martinos Evripidou

Senior Developer

Martinos has been coding for ten years, creating an array of solutions, from complex web applications to machine learning and optical recognition. He does not shy away from the mathematical complexities of systems and embraces the challenges at every step of the development cycle.

Matt Brewerton


Matt joined Click as a Junior Developer in order to pursue his programming dreams and bolster his skills. As a Microsoft enthusiast, Matt has been tinkering in code since the days of VB6, moving onto VB.NET and even further to C#. When Matt isn't writing for Click he's knee-deep in his own Desktop and Mobile apps.

Tim Lloyd

Database Developer

Tim has twenty years’ experience working with databases, from mainframes to the cloud, gained in the insurance and travel industries. He joined Click in 2017 and is enjoying the fast-paced environment and working with the latest technology.

Adam Diment

Senior Developer

Adam cut his coding teeth working on the web development team of the UK's biggest bank, building large scale, anti-fraud and reporting applications in .NET. He joined Click in early 2014, and has been a big part of the team that designed and built He's a great all rounder - an expert in building fast, responsive and secure applications for both desktop and mobile, using the latest technology.

Chris Hodges

Senior Developer

Chris has been writing software for as long as anyone can remember. He has a background developing rock-solid software for the financial services industry. At Click he combines that wealth of experience with a passion for great design and effortless user experience. Chris is equally happy developing elegant front-end code and secure, scalable server solutions.

Kian Ryan

Developer and Consultant System Architect

Kian has worked with Click since 2008 and has been professionally coding for the web for a decade. He has been privileged to work with a wide range of industries and people, from designing augmented reality stores for the fashion industry to back office systems for the finance sector. When not coding, Kian organises tech community conferences and networking events. Kian specialises in pulling problems to pieces and devising elegant solutions.

Ben Potter


With 15 years' agency experience behind him and an expert in business development, Ben advises and supports Click's senior team on all aspects of their sales and marketing strategy, helping them to win and retain the right clients.